Exotic Kids Club NFT Collection Solana

1111 Exotic Kids on the Solana blockchain


  • Drawing the Exotic Kids
  • Generating 1111 Exotic Kids, All will be unique
  • Social Media Set-Up ( Twitter, Discord & YouTube)
  • Marketing & Whitelist spot Giveaway Daily Unit Mint
  • Mint date TBA, Mint Price: 0.50 SOL
  • Whitelist Mint 2 Hours Before Public Mint. Time TBA.
  • Planning to Launch on GODz of Solaria incubator
  • After Sell Out, It’s Time to Donate to #Teamtrees $1 per NFT Minted = 1111 Trees Planted!! (Will share our name on https://teamtrees.org/ to keep track.
Phase 2 of our Roadmap 2.0
  • Transfer 40% of mint sol to community wallet.
  • List on secondary markets such as ( ME, Solsea..)
  • Create 10 million $EXOTIC token, which will be used for future drops, buying merch, and maybe even some 2D to 3D NFT elixir.
  • Sweep the floor to get rid of paper hands and giveaway or burn Exotic Kids, community choice.
  • Giving away 40% of secondary royalties to holders who have 2 or more Exotic Kids, 40% of secondary royalties to a charity choice of the community, 20% Team payout.
Phase 3 of our Roadmap 2.0
  • Airdropping $EXOTIC token to all holders who don’t have their kid listed, 5 tokens a day per kid that if not listed.
  • You will be able to stake your Exotic Kid, to earn more $Exotic tokens.
  • Merch drop and others so holders can buy with the $Exotic token. (which they receive for free for not listing/staking.)
Phase 3 of our Roadmap 2.0
  • Coming soon with more NFT drops, Merch Drop for holders, P2E late 2022, and a lot more, stay tuned!

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